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Lower back pain
"Cheryl felt like she had healing hands. After my 1st treatment within 72 hours I felt back to normal, with pain level at almost 1/10. After my 2nd treatment I felt completely back to normal and intend to have regular maintenance."

Pain in heels
"I felt very relaxed after my treatment & although initially the pain recurred, after regular treatment it stopped & hasn't happened again."

Persistent knee pain
"The treatment eased the pain & combined with strengthening exercises I have been able to resume all dance classes. I return for treatment if I undertake a heavy dance schedule to ease pressure & prevent a recurrence of the problem"

Arthritis of the knee joints
"Bowen Therapy has enabled me to take part in classes......and go back to.....Austria after a 5 year absence, and once again walk in the mountains. Something I thought I would never manage again."

Severe shoulder pain
"I had accepted the pain for years and was hoping for some relief. The first treatment gave me instant relief and over the next 3 or 4 treatments I found that my shoulder was better than it had been in years."

Sciatic pain
"The treatment was very relaxing and I noticed that my hips were more aligned after a couple of sessions. Although the pain is still there it is much easier and I have been able to get out and on with my life for the first time in 7 months."

Tennis elbow
"I can now straighten my arm without pain. I am almost pain free and have more movement in my arm."

Groin and back pain
" I'm walking better and have no back pain."

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
" The pain in my neck, shoulders, back & legs has eased considerably. My legs feel refreshed and I feel more confident "getting up" and walking as I have my balance back. I also feel more relaxed and have stopped grinding my teeth. I have definitely benefited."

Hip pain
"Being out of pain and in alignment"

Lower back and hip pain
"The treatment has taken some time but I now have complete relief from any back or hip pain"

Shoulder injury
"My son's injured shoulder made a full recovery following two treatments. He returned to rugby with full use of his shoulder"

Frozen shoulder/partial rotator cuff tear
"Treatment has enabled me to have full movement.......Bowen Therapy has also helped with stiffness and discomfort of my hips & my body is more balanced."

Burning shins/balls of the feet
"Very much benefited.....advice about foot wear also......helped."

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
"It's hard to describe but I feel more vital, more definite as a person. My inner core of energy has been strengthened. I am less stressed and laugh more."

"I have found my fatigue has lessened, also when I do have my bad days with Lupus I seem to recover quicker."

Sciatic nerve pain
"I tried physiotherapy, osteopathy (under advise from GP) acupuncture, none of which helped the pain. I had a course of Bowen Treatment after 6 months of suffering this condition and the relief has been amazing. Although not yet perfect I am mostly free from pain and can get on with life and continue exercising."

Abdominal pain
"I found the treatment very relaxing and it definitely helped me, I will have more treatment before and after my boxing fights."

"I was very surprised at how effective this treatment was. It really tightened my joints and helped me to then strengthen them properly."

Lower back pain - very limited movement
"Fully back to work and movement resuming to normal. I feel lighter and more supple. The pain has almost completely gone."

Pain in arm, back, neck & shoulders
"I was able to move more freely after my 1st treatment. It was great to wake in the morning & not feel pain.....I have to admit I was sceptical but the proof is in the result wow!"

"K was like a new girl after her treatment had finished. Her headaches disappeared, she only got slight pain. She was so relaxed and didn't let stress get to her. It was so lovely to see K back to how she was before she got all her symptoms."

Digestive related problems
"Bowen is one of the sweet mysteries of's positive effects are astonishing on my general health and vitality. Over the years I have had many complementary therapies- but Bowen is the therapy that my body responds to with a big sigh! Bowen always makes me feel as if I have been recalibrated."

Severs disease & ankle injury
"Both the boys have regained strength in both their ankles & achilles."

Shoulder pain/lower back pain
"Bowen treatment relaxes my aching muscles...My aches & pains from arthritis & sciatica.....are relieved."

"Fantastic. Felt great. After 3 days treatment discomfort was gone, (have) never felt better. No problem further."

Difficulty getting to sleep
"The benefits have been amazing even after the first treatment my son settled much quicker. He became more relaxed and less irritable the next day. Thank you so much."

Lower back pain & stiffness in hips & knees
"Following the treatment I am able to move much more easily, there has also been a reduction in both pain and swelling in the joints that have been affected. I have found by having a top session every couple of months I am not restricted in the activities that I continue to carry out."

Hamstring problems
"Although initially sceptical of this type of treatment after two sessions the hamstring feels virtually as normal and I can exercise as normal and build up my running again. I would recommend the therapy to anyone as a very gentle & relaxing form of treatment."

Shoulder pain
"Can do everything now. Feel so much better. Wonderful. Can really feel the benefit and would recommend to my friends."

Tennis elbow
"Given me relief in right elbow and arm, and relaxing."

Hip pain
"A has been able to take part in her dance classes again and was able to do 5 shows in the theatre, a week after her treatment, which we didn't think would happen."

Difficulty staying asleep
"My son is now sleeping through the night without waking after only 2 sessions. I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering a similar problem."

"I feel 99% normal again with regards to the sciatica pain and restrictions."

Lower back pain
"Pain has gone in a week after the treatment. Freedom of movement in the back."

Orthostatic tremor
"I was diagnosed...... and told there is no cure for this, but Valium can be given to keep the internal trembling under control. I heard about Bowen Therapy through a friend. In just three sessions I got rid of all the twitches in my back and arms. I was so happy. A much healthier solution than taking Valium!!"

Back pain/shoulder pain
"Bowen definitely helped with the one time I could barely move....after (treatment) I felt relatively pain free. I feel Bowen helps keep me mobile and agile."

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